Apprentice Communication and Retention Project

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Developing mutual understanding between the apprentice and the supervisor is important in ensuring that the business runs effectively. Apprentices should let the supervisor know well in advance if time off from work is required. Employers can then negotiate when the apprentice will make up the time.
By thinking ahead and considering the smooth running of the business, it is far more likely that requests of this nature will be met with a positive response.

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At your workplace, how far in advance should apprentices let their supervisors know that they require time off?
When can time be made up?

Ideas and feedback from industry

  • “A bit of give and take goes a long way and enhances a winning culture.”
  • “I know if I have an appointment in work hours to give plenty of notice so the managers know that I will be absent for the given times, and they can work more efficiently.”
  • “(I will) give plenty of notice and offer ways to pick up any slack.”