Apprentice Communication and Retention Project

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Mistakes are a normal part of learning in an apprenticeship. Apprentices should listen to their supervisors and follow instructions. Supervisors should understand that mistakes are part of the apprentice’s learning process and should retain a positive attitude if mistakes occur. The apprentice should be made aware of their mistake as early as possible, and not humiliated because of it.

Correcting mistakes as they happen can sometimes seem quite time consuming, but at the end of the day keeping at it and maintaining a positive outlook is the quickest path to developing a happy and productive team member.
See the industry case studies to find out more about how apprentices and supervisors handle mistakes effectively.

Using this video

  • You can use this video to talk about how mistakes are resolved in the workshop.
  • What does the supervisor achieve with his comment at the end of the week?
  • Is there a policy on what to do if a mistake is made? Does everyone know what it is?
  • How can you turn a mistake into a learning experience for the team?
  • Are there any benefits to not mentioning names to the group when a mistake is made?

Ideas and feedback from industry

  • “I speak to the individual privately”
  • “I can see the need to explain why and be okay that they made the mistake as it is a learning curve”
  • “Understand mistakes happen”
  • “Mistakes shouldn’t be a life sentence. Learn and move on”