Apprentice Communication and Retention Project

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Mobile phones have become an essential part of our life. However, this does not necessarily extend to the workplace. Apprentices should adhere to their workplace policy on mobile phones, or speak to the supervisor on what is their workplace’s policy on mobile phones if unsure.

In the video, the supervisor sees the apprentice texting on the phone while in the workshop. He gives specific directions on how he expects the apprentice to behave.

In some workshops phones can only be used during breaks, while in others supervisors encourage the safe use of phones at work to solve problems and access in-house tools. No matter what the policy is, the most important thing is that every person in the business understands and adheres to it. In the case study videos, for example, you will hear the same message being spoken at every level in the business.

Using this video

  • Mobile phones are a hot issue in the workplace.
  • Would you have been as direct in your approach as this supervisor?
  • What are some of the potential consequences of getting distracted by a phone while working on a customer vehicle?
  • Why is it important that every person is on board with the workplace mobile phone policy?

Ideas and feedback from industry

  • “Kept to a minimum during work hours”
  • “Safe storage in lockers”
  • “Phone Policy is fair”