Environmental Compliance eLearning

This online training course is specific to the Automotive industry. In it you will develop the skills necessary to produce a comprehensive environmental management plan for your Automotive business.

What’s on offer

  • Automotive industry specific
  • Identifies environmental concerns within Automotive businesses
  • Delivers best practice methods for addressing environmental issues
  • Is online interactive, complete with case studies, links and resources for ongoing compliance needs
  • Gives access to hands-on consultation with VACC Occupational Health & Safety Environment Advisors for advice on the implementation of your environmental management plan

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Environmental Management
    Managing environmental legislation and sustainability in your business
    Aims and outcomes of the course
  • Unit 2 –  Waste Management
  • Unit 3 –  Water Management
  • Unit 4 –  Storage Practices
  • Unit 5 –  Spill Management
  • Unit 6 –  Air Quality
  • Unit 7 –  Resource Conservation
  • Unit 8 –  Cleaning
  • Unit 9 –  Controlling Noise
  • Unit 10 – Summary
  • Unit 11 – Assessment
  • Unit 12 – Conclusion

How Environmental Compliance Training Benefits Your Business

  • Environmental compliance can save you money
  • Implementing good environmental management practices will create a safer and cleaner work environment
  • Implementing suggested practices will reduce environmental liabilities and risks in the future
  • You will receive a handbook for future reference
  • Can be used toward your Green Stamp Accreditation
Candidate Instructions Cost
1. Read the introductions before commencing the course Member: $99
2. Course structure is made up of 12 units, including an optional final assessment. Complete the units in the order that they are presented
3. Each unit contains a quiz or activity. Complete it correctly before progressing to the next unit
4. To progress to the final assessment, complete all activities or quizzes first
5. Use links on the resource page to access websites related to the unit topic
6. When you complete the course, download the course summary for future reference and a sample environmental management plan as a guide for your business
Note: Above costs are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated