VACC Intermediate Auto Electrical Course

Venue: VACC House, Melbourne - 1 March 2018, 6 - 9pm


Motorcycle Refresher - Licenced Vehicle Tester Training (LVT)

VACC Member Discount Available

This one-day course is designed to cover the current regulations and requirements of being a LVT Motorcycle examiner under the current VicRoads scheme. It includes administrative and technical knowledge, testing procedures, completion and understanding of documentation and your role as a Licensed Vehicle Tester within Victoria. It will be presented in a way that attendees will be able to gauge their current level of knowledge and allow the presenter to focus on any gaps in knowledge.

Click Learn More to find out about the course dates available and view the enrolment form on the VicRoads website.

Please book and claim your VACC Member Discount direct with the training provider:

Contact details

Federation University, LVT Enrolment and Administration

Phone: 03 5327 8071

Fax: 03 5327 8715


Information on VicRoads LVT licencing conditions, forms and fees is available here:


Licenced Vehicle Tester Training (LVT)

30 November Deadline on Refresher Training for Current Licence Vehicle Testers

If you’re one of the 1,000 Licenced Vehicle Testers yet to complete your refresher course, time is fast running out. Failing to complete the course before 30 November means you will be ineligible to perform roadworthy inspections, which may impact on your income. There’s still time to enrol in a one-day course in numerous handy locations. Don’t miss out.

Enrolment is direct with Federation University. Click Learn More to find out about the course, dates available and view the enrolment form on the VicRoads website.

Information on VicRoads LVT licencing conditions, forms and fees is also available here:

MONDAY, 17 JULY 2017

SAE Vehicle Body Engineering for Panel Repair Aftermarket & OE

Presenting content that is scarcely found in industry, this year’s Vehicle Body Engineering course is essential for anyone involved in any aspect of the body of a vehicle. Our expert presenters have a combined experience of 250 years in the automotive sector ranging from OE and aftermarket to panel repair. The topics and presenters include:

• The latest developments in safety standards  o Steve Cooper, General Manager - APV Tech Centre

• New composite technology in vehicles - case study  o Richard Taube, APA BIW Strucutres Technical Lead - Ford Motor Company of Australia

• Understanding efficient workshop process and legal liabilities  o Phil Dunn & Tony Basic, Independent Assessors/Consultants

• Regulatory compliance  o Andrew George, CEO - SAE-A

The course will conclude with a workshop demonstration and guided tour by head restorer of Fox Classic Car Museum, and owner of BTW (Brian Tanti's Workshop), Brian Tanti.

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VACC OHS Fundamentals Course Launched

Written and delivered by VACC OHSE professionals, this Automotive industry course will give you the insider view on how to comply with OHS and Workers Compensation Law and create business processes which take into account the unique challenges of our industry.


AUR50116 Diploma of Automotive Management

Registrations Open - Rolling intakes - you can start with any Workshop

The AUR50116 Diploma of Automotive Management is a nationally recognised qualification aimed at business owners, managers, supervisors or team leaders who aspire to grow and acquire critical management skills in the automotive industry. 

Phone 03 9829 1126 for your individual cost.

Intermediate Auto Electrical Evening Workshops

Participants at the Intermediate Auto Electrical Course at Ballarat

Training Complaints Hotline - 13 38 73

Although the large majority of providers are doing the right thing, there are still a small number who are taking people for a ride.

If you have had a first-hand experience with such a training provider, or been aggressively approached by people selling courses, get their business card, write down names, business details, phone numbers, email addresses, collect any flyers and contact the Training Complaints Hotline. Better still, before making a complaint why don't you give the Skills Development Centre a call so that we can assist you in registering your complaint to ensure you get a satisfactory outcome.

Click here for more information about the Hotline.

Beware of Scam by Training Providers Selling Free Trade Paper Upgrades!

"If your trade papers predate 2001 or 1999, the law has changed and you cannot perform roadworthies" - This is untrue

"The law requires everyone in your business to have a current certificate III qualification" - This is also untrue

"The Government is updating their register of mechanics" - This is also untrue, there is no such register

This is what a couple of organisations are saying to members in order to get them to sign up to a free or low cost "upgrade".

If members are approached by any such organisation, please obtain from them any written information you can get with these claims, and pass it onto us so that we can take action to stop this behaviour.

The problem with this type of behaviour, is that credible programs designed to provide trade recognition to those working in the industry without a formal qualification, but with significant experience, or those returning to the industry after a long break on the tools are jeopardised. The Victorian Government recently cut funding by 50% to deter these types of organisations. It appears a cut in funding has simply incited them to market their wares more aggressively, while jeopardising legitimate training providers.

VACC recognises that there is a need for trade recognition programs and have provided this type of support to the industry over many years. It should never be as easy as ticking boxes on a form. Members expect that when someone achieves trade recognition, that the papers reflect a qualification standard recognised by industry.

Poorly conducted trade recognition schemes (or often referred to as RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning) means that the provider has accessed Government funds, and the recipient holds a qualification that may be lacking in credibility, or worse still, the recipient is not given the necessary training to meet the standard and is prevented from receiving any further government assistance in training.

Another member recently reported that as he was completing his registration/application form, he was asked to not include information about his qualifications. This is very serious, as the member did not realise that by excluding the information, he risked being accused of fraud.

Please contact the VACC Skills Development Centre on (03) 9829 1126, if you would like to undertake a trade recognition program or to report questionable activity.