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Industry Mentoring Program   

Do you have trouble retaining apprentices? 

Then the ISMAA automotive mentors are here to help.

Program Coordinator: (03) 9829 1118 

What is the ISMAA program?

The ISMAA (Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices Program) is a fully funded Australian Government program that aims to help motor trade businesses retain their apprentices.

The VACC, in partnership with our Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (TACC) office, provide mentors from the automotive industry, have expertise in the training system and in providing valuable support and advice to apprentices.

What’s the advantage for business owners?

The mentor program is free and is aimed to support your apprentice through the first two years of the apprenticeship. The support will help to address careers and skills development concerns and will involve regular one to one contact by highly skilled industry-specialist mentors.

The program will:

1. PROVIDE a structured and tailored mentoring program for your automotive first or second year apprentice/s. This service is a non-intrusive support program that will provide support for your apprentice/s through regular contacts.

2. ENCOURAGE apprentices and business owners to identify misunderstanding or areas of concern around employment and training before they become unresolvable issues.

3. SUPPORT your apprentice with access to additional VACC and TACC services, or where identified, link up with other specialist organisations to assist you and our industry to retain your automotive apprentice so they can complete their apprenticeship.

Who are the Mentors?

The automotive industry association has a great team of skilled mentors, in both metropolitan and regional areas. These mentors come from a diverse range of backgrounds within the automotive industry, so they know your industry.

For any automotive business who has employed, or is looking to employ, an apprentice the ISMAA program is a good a good way for your business to support and retain your apprentice.

Skill Shortages in the Automotive Industry

Recent figures show that 50% of automotive apprentices do not complete their contract, yet the industry has a current national skills shortage of at least 30,000 new automotive tradespeople, which is projected to grow to 35,000 over the next financial year.

Ensuring that apprentices complete their apprenticeships is vital in addressing the skill shortage.


For information on how ISMAA can assist your automotive business:

Program Coordinator: (03) 9829 1118





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