The VACC Skills Development Centre provides a range of short courses, designed to provide both employers and employees with the skills to deal with a range of complex situations which can arise within the workplace.

The courses are flexible, user-focused and can address specific issues within your individual workplace. They focus on the four main areas of concern for Automotive businesses and are held at your premises.

Industrial Relations Courses
Course Description Date Time Location Cost
Recruitment and Termination for Managers Knowing how to recruit the right employees for the job can prevent unwanted dismissals. This course teaches managers how to advertise a position, conduct an interview, screen employees before hiring and - should the need ever arise - terminate employees correctly. Advised on enrolment Member's premises Members: $55
Equal Opportunity for Managers and Supervisors Equipping your managers and supervisors with the skills to promote equal opportunity in the workplace is key to maintaining a healthy work environment. They will learn to identify harassment, discrimination and bullying, as well as developing the knowledge and skills required to deal with issues in an appropriate manner. Advised on enrolment Member's premises Members: $55
Equal Opportunity Training for Employees This course defines which behaviours constitute harassment, discrimination and bullying in Australian workplaces; and it also outlines the behaviours that are acceptable. Equal Opportunity training for employees is an important step to maintaining a safe workplace and preventing claims against your business. Advised on enrolment Member's premises Members: $55

Unfair Dismissals and Adverse Action Claims
Employees who have been terminated can claim Unfair Dismissal and Adverse Action; and if they do, it can be difficult for employers to defend against the claims. In this course employers and managers will learn the correct warning and termination procedure, so that potentially costly claims can be avoided.
Advised on enrolment

Member's premises

Members: $55
Note: Above costs are per person and inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.