Important Senate Inquiry into TAFE

Have your say on Trade Training!

VACC would like to thank Members who took the time to complete the recent online Survey regarding the training of automotive apprentices.

With over 270 responses, it is clear to see that this issue is one of great interest and significance to our Members.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will assist us in compiling our submission to this important Senate Inquiry.

With thanks,



Have your say on Trade Training!

Members are encouraged to complete the below survey, answers to which will inform VACC/TACC's submission to the current Senate Inquiry into TAFE. 

When completing the survey, please elaborate on your answers using the comment sections where provided, so that we are able to fully understand your concerns and reflect these in our submission.

The survey will close on Friday, 28 February.

We appreciate and understand how valuable your time is, but cannot underestimate the importance of this inquiry and your feedback.

If you have any queries on the survey, or the inquiry, please contact Jodee Price on (03) 9829 1129.

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Announcing 2014 MAAP

Mentor Apprenticeship Program


The highly successful Mentor Apprenticeship Program is continuing in 2014.

“This is a fantastic free service for business owners and their apprentices. It takes care of all those little issues frequently seen when apprentices enter the workforce for the first time - issues which if unnoticed and not dealt with, will have a huge impact on the new apprentice’s productivity and ability to learn.”, says Clint Franzone, who heads up the service at VACC.

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We hope your festive season is full of cheer
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We have organised some summer fun for you
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Ella Damen, Pre-Apprentice of the Year

Congratulations to Ella Damen who won the VACC supported award for Pre-Apprentice of the Year at 'Kangan Institute's Technical Group' Technical Awards Gala held on Thursday, 12 September.

Ella works at Corso Body Works and was a very proud recipient on the night. Ella is being mentored under the MAAP My Future Mentoring program and said her Mentor Effie Tsetinis has been very helpful and she finds it easy to talk to her about any issues she may be having.

Ella is photographed with VACC's General Manager for IR, OHSE & Training, Leyla Yilmaz.

"If your trade papers predate 2001 or 1999, the law has changed and you cannot perform roadworthies" - This is untrue

"The law requires everyone in your business to have a current certificate III qualification" - This is also untrue

"The Government is updating their register of mechanics" - This is also untrue, there is no such register

This is what a couple of organisations are saying to members in order to get them to sign up to a free or low cost "upgrade".

If members are approached by any such organisation, please obtain from them any written information you can get with these claims, and pass it onto us so that we can take action to stop this behaviour.

The problem with this type of behaviour, is that credible programs designed to provide trade recognition to those working in the industry without a formal qualification, but with significant experience, or those returning to the industry after a long break on the tools are jeopardised. The Victorian Government recently cut funding by 50% to deter these types of organisations. It appears a cut in funding has simply incited them to market their wares more aggressively, while jeopardising legitimate training providers.

VACC recognises that there is a need for trade recognition programs and have provided this type of support to the industry over many years. It should never be as easy as ticking boxes on a form. Members expect that when someone achieves trade recognition, that the papers reflect a qualification standard recognised by industry.

Poorly conducted trade recognition schemes (or often referred to as RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning) means that the provider has accessed Government funds, and the recipient holds a qualification that may be lacking in credibility, or worse still, the recipient is not given the necessary training to meet the standard and is prevented from receiving any further government assistance in training.

Another member recently reported that as he was completing his registration/application form, he was asked to not include information about his qualifications. This is very serious, as the member did not realise that by excluding the information, he risked being accused of fraud.

Please contact the VACC Skills Development Centre on (03) 9829 1126, if you would like to undertake a trade recognition program or to report questionable activity.

New VACC Skill Builders Training Portal

Launching Soon!


Exciting new training initiatives are about to unfold at the VACC Skills Development Centre.

VACC Skill Builders are short courses that can be completed online in your own time in approximately one hour. VACC is delivering them to you in partnership with one of Australia’s most popular and trusted online training organisations, VET Australia; and so it’s not all work and no play, there are lifestyle and leisure short courses too.

You can quickly develop your skills and knowledge across three main topic areas, each with a huge range of short courses on offer.

1.    Managing a Small Business
Short courses for you to focus on the essential skills you need to manage and grow your business

2.    Professional Improvement
Get ahead with your leadership, communication and career development skills

3.    Lifestyle and Leisure
Kick back and relax with interesting and enjoyable short courses for you.

Stay tuned – launching soon.

VACC is looking forward to participating in this year’s National Skills Week. Come and see the VACC exhibits at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence and listen to VACC’s third year Apprentice Light Vehicle Mechanic, Fiona Lawrie, as she describes what motivated her to make a radical shift in her career and choose to become a Mechanic. Apprentices are an essential part of the Automotive industry, and National Skills Week highlights their skills and abilities in both industry and the public arenas.

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HERALD SUN CAREER EXPO - Melbourne Exhibition Centre
16-18 August 2013

VACC's MAAP My Future and Auto Apprenticeships will be profiling Automotive careers at the Herald Sun Melbourne Career Expo 2013. SPEAK with staff about your Automotive career; SEE motor displays, supplied by Cummins and SP Tools; CHALLENGE yourself! Winners will receive Australian Grand Prix tickets.

1. F1 Simulator. The Challenge: Test your professional Race Driver skills. Time the fastest lap around Albert Park in The Grand Prix Corporation's F1 Simulator! Winners will receive Australian Grand Prix tickets.
2. Spark Plug Removal - Insertion Challenge: Can you record the fastest time?
3. Engine Lifter Assemblage Challenge: How fast are you?

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BOSCH TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS IN REGIONAL VICTORIA:Last chance to register for 2013 or all events may be cancelled

To avoid disappointment by once again having to cancel the Bosch Technical Presentations in Regional Victoria, VACC SDC want to gauge interest for the next four short-course and dinner events scheduled for 2013. This may be your last chance!

FEATURE ARTICLE  |  21 MARCH 2013Case study: VACC and Kangan Institute Hybrid and Electric Battery Electric Vehicle Course

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has formed a partnership with Kangan Institute of TAFE to assist VACC’s small business members with gaining the latest training and information for new and emerging technologies in electric and hybrid vehicle development. With assistance from Auto Skills Australia (ASA), the ability to access co-contribution funding under the National Workforce Development Fund has ensured the associated training costs were within reach of all participants.

MEDIA RELEASE |  14 MARCH 2013VACC Automotive Apprentice of the Year Awards

The Australian automotive industry will welcome 70 trained, ready to work and trade skilled employees tonight. The auto-apprentices will receive their Certificate of Graduation at the annual Graduation Ceremony in Melbourne, following the successful completion of their four year VACC auto-apprenticeship. The graduates will receive their certificate from Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Peter Hall, with nine out of ten graduates going straight into full time work with their host employer, a VACC member. Tonight’s Graduation Ceremony will also include the inaugural VACC Apprentice and Trainee Awards. 

FEATURE ARTICLE  |  27 February 2013Case study: VACC and Penfold Motors TAE 10 Workplace Supervisors Course

Penfold Motors has worked in conjunction with VACC and Kangan Institute to conduct an in house accredited Apprentice Coaching and Mentoring program for the group during 2012. The program qualified for National Workforce Development Fund support, and was organised with the assistance of VACC Education and Training Manager Jodee Price, working with Workforce Development staff from Auto Skills Australia (ASA).

Small Business Festival 2012

 August is the month for Victoria’s Small Business Festival. It offers a once-a-year opportunity to embrace the enormous contribution small businesses make to the economy throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Students and Employers  - Have your say about Trade Certification training

More than 100 000 students nationally will be asked in the coming weeks about their recent experience at a TAFE institute, private training provider, or adult and community education provider. It is important that all students who have completed their VACC Trade Certification in 2011 and their respective employers have their say, providing feedback to help improve the sector for future students.

Budget 2012 - Skills and training summarized

Strong priority in the 2012/13 Budget.  Total spend on skills including support for the national partnership $15.6 billion over next 4 years, compared with $15.5 billion in previous four years.  Main downside is in changes to incentives, and some small reductions in programs.

Trade training will help survive job slump

Australia could excel in making intricate medical equipment, automated machines or goods made on demand for immediate delivery.Australian industry – including carmaking workers – should get a trade, experts say.

Open Universities Australia

To ensure our members are presented with every opportunity to further their education, VACC Skills Development Centre has entered into a partnership with Open Universities Australia to facilitate a seamless transition into distance and online learning.