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Hagen Skinner works at Millers Mowers and Motorcycles in Cobram and is supported by VACC’s Apprenticeship Mentor, Callum Ross. Hagen loves his apprenticeship and with the help of his Mentor is doing a great job in the workplace.


Mentors are available to help your apprentice to settle into work and perform at their best. VACC MAAP Mentors have a 93% apprentice retention rate, compared to an industry average of less than 50%.


We asked one of our participating Members to tell us about their experience of the Apprenticeship Mentor program, and this is what they had to say:


Gavin, owner of Millers Mowers & Motorcycles:

We have a good mix of youth and experience – and I am lucky to have qualified staff who are both technically excellent and also very good at imparting their knowledge to the apprentices.


The added support from the Mentor program is a great help in giving us all confidence in understanding and dealing with any issues.


Hagen, an Apprentice with the business:

My interest in Automotive has some from being 3rd generation in this trade and through my motorsport: from motorcycle racing, karting and now the challenge of the Aussie racing car series.


I also have a keen interest in engineering and hope to continue my studies in that field once I have completed my apprenticeship.


I have found it helpful to have a Mentor, someone outside of my family and work to discuss options and issues.


The value of having a Mentor speaks for itself; if you are training a new apprentice in your workplace, access to VACC MAAP Mentors is free of charge throughout Victoria.


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VACC SDC Short Courses


Initial (5 Day) OHS Course for Health and Safety Representatives, Managers and Supervisors

26th September and 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th October 2014


OHS 1 Day Health and Safety Representatives Refresher Training

11th November 2014



Wheel Alignment, Steering and Suspension

29th September – 1st October 2014 (3 days)



WinA (Women in Automotive)


Women in Automotive facilitates communication between women (and interested men) in the industry on a business and personal level.


It creates opportunities to make connections and generate ideas which can feed back into the success of your business.


The relaunch of WinA was held at Zagame’s in Richmond on 19th May and attended by a wide range of women and men from the industry.


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Australian Motoring Festival


VACC and RACV announce the exciting new Australian Motoring Festival


VACC and RACV have joined forces to stage an exciting new motoring event in Melbourne next year. The event to be known as the Australian Motoring Festival will be held from 26-29 March at the Melbourne Showgrounds.


VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said the Motoring Festival will differ from the traditional display-style motor show, by providing visitors with multiple opportunities to interact with vehicles and vehicle technology through test drives and simulation.


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How to get an Automotive Management Diploma qualification that really counts…


Diploma candidates are now attending classes once a month at VACC. To date Workshops 1 and 2 have been completed. You are still able to commence training at the July workshop and then pick up the missed units at a later date.






Find out if you’re eligible for a government subsidy today!


Phone VACC Skills Development Centre on (03) 9829 1126, and talk to one of our team members today.


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Free Webinar Series – Small Business Victoria



Change the way you operate with digital technologies


Informative and full of real-life examples, this webinar series is a great way to build a meaningful web presence for your business, connect with existing and potential customers, and to streamline many of your business processes – no matter where you are located. Recommended.


Week 1: Digital leadership

Week 2: Building the right digital foundations

Week 3: Understanding g your customer

Week 4: Online product awareness & evaluation

Week 5: Change the way you operate with digital technologies

Week 6: How to support your customers online

Week 7: How to engage customers and create loyal advocates

Week 8: Tying it all together



Traffic without Engines – Melbourne CBD Pedestrian Counter


The City of Melbourne’s 24-hour pedestrian counting system measures pedestrian activity in the city each day. Sensors placed around the city record real time foot traffic.


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Food for Thought


Many of us spend a considerable amount of our time at work. Could you recognise symptoms of a stroke or heart attack if they happened in your workplace?


Recognising a stroke. Do you know the symptoms?


A stroke is not a heart attack. A stroke happens when the supply of blood to the brain is suddenly interrupted.


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How about a heart attack?


A heart attack can happen unexpectedly, and the longer you ignore it, the worse the damage.


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Action Plan and Factsheet


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