Issue 36, 23 September 2013


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Congratulations to Ella Damen who won the VACC supported award for Pre-Apprentice of the Year at Kangan Institute's Technical Group Technical Awards Gala held on Thursday,

12 September.


Ella works at Corso Body Works and was a very proud recipient on the night. Mentored under the MAAP My Future Mentoring program, Ella said her Mentor, Effie Tsetinis, has been very helpful, and she finds it easy to talk to her about any issues she may be having.


Ella is photographed with VACC's General Manager for IR, OHSE & Training, Leyla Yilmaz.


All VACC/Bosch Technical Short Courses


Access Bosch technical short course options for yourself or your tradespersons!


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Access OHS training for your Health & Safety Representatives, Managers and Supervisors!


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Check out the Trade Certification and see if you are eligible for the Government subsidy




Phone the VACC Skills Development Centre direct on (03) 9829 1126 to find out.


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Many small business owners have heard of Business Victoria, but not many know what it can do for them. The VACC Skills Development Centre attended the Closing Event of Victoria's Small Business Festival and produced this report for Members.


Over 300 events ran as part of the festival in August. Roger Arwas, the Executive Director of Business Victoria briefly addressed the closing event audience along the general theme of there being 'more' this year: more events in the Suburbs and Regional areas, more events run after work hours, more people visiting and more organisations participating. Most importantly, Arwas said, the festival gives small business owners an opportunity to meet others in similar business situations to themselves.


The Closing Event featured a roundup of what small business owners have to say on various topics affecting their business and personal lives.


Ross Cameron, from Cameron Research Group, is 10 years into an ongoing longitudinal survey of small business owners in Victoria. By asking questions on a range of topics, he has gained valuable insight into the challenges that most small business owners can expect to experience throughout the business cycle. The presentation focused on short video clips featuring business owners talking about their experiences in running a business.


Detailed evaluations of the festival will be published in October.


For the full report, click here.


For the Business Victoria website, click here.




Challenging New Short Courses For Businesses With Up To 20 Staff




Exceptional Courses

Partly funded by the Australian Government through AusIndustry, and only for businesses of up to 20 staff, VACC is partnering with Holmesglen to deliver two exceptional courses at VACC House.


Learn the secrets of the best in the business

Highly regarded in the Automotive industry, John Magar, has plenty to say about Strategic Sales Management and Paul Harmer, International Branding strategist, will set you on the right track to building your own powerful business brand.


More About John Magar


Highly regarded throughout the Automotive industry, John Magar has over 20 years sales and marketing consulting experience gained in a range of highly competitive industries. John is the author of marketing giants, 'Sell Your Product, Not Your Soul' and 'Management Fiascos – 30 sure-fire ways to ruin a business AND how to avoid them'. He is in constant demand consulting to Australian and international companies.


More About Paul Harmer


An international branding strategist and successful business entrepreneur, Paul Harmer has worked with some of today's most successful brands: Grace Brothers, AutoBarn, American

Express, Coles, Macys and David Jones to name a few.


Great Value! $500 each program or $800 for both

These courses are great value and will give you the edge with up-to-date knowledge that you can apply immediately to your business. There will be plenty of opportunity to think about your own situation, get advice and do your planning.


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“If your trade papers predate 2001 or 1999, the law has changed and you cannot perform roadworthies” - This is untrue


“The law requires everyone in your business to have a current certificate III qualification” - This is also untrue


“The Government is updating their register of mechanics” - This is also untrue, there is no such register


This is what a couple of organisations are saying to members in order to get them to sign up to a free or low cost “upgrade”.


If members are approached by any such organisation, please obtain from them any written information you can get with these claims, and pass it onto us so that we can take action to stop this behaviour.


The problem with this type of behaviour, is that credible programs designed to provide trade recognition to those working in the industry without a formal qualification, but with significant experience, or those returning to the industry after a long break on the tools are jeopardised.  The Victorian Government recently cut funding by 50% to deter these types of organisations.  It appears a cut in funding has simply incited them to market their wares more aggressively, while jeopardising legitimate training providers.


VACC recognises that there is a need for trade recognition programs and have provided this type of support to the industry over many years.  It should never be as easy as ticking boxes on a form.  Members expect that when someone achieves trade recognition, that the papers reflect a qualification standard recognised by industry. 


Poorly conducted trade recognition schemes (or often referred to as RPL- Recognition of Prior Learning) means that the provider has accessed Government funds, and the recipient holds a qualification that may be lacking in credibility, or worse still, the recipient is not given the necessary training to meet the standard and is prevented from receiving any further government assistance in training.


Another member recently reported that as he was completing his registration/ application form, he was asked to not include information about his qualifications.  This is very serious, as the member did not realise that by excluding the information, he risked being accused of fraud.


Please contact the VACC Skills Development Centre on (03) 9829 1126, if you would like to undertake a trade recognition program or to report questionable activity.




A colossal 24,008 people attended the Herald Sun Melbourne Career Expo this year.

The VACC MAAP My Future and Auto Apprenticeships displays were fun and educational.

The impressive motor vehicle display, supplied by Cummins and SP Tools had a constant flow of visitors. Many students, teachers and people seeking a career change took advantage of the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable staff about their Automotive career options.


Hugely popular were three speed and precision challenges, with Grand Prix tickets as prizes. They attracted some great participants - and here are the results:


1.       F1 Simulator - Test Your Professional Race Driver Skills


The Challenge: Time the fastest lap around Albert Park.


The winner is Chris Grey with a time of 1’54.124.


The fastest lap achieved on the track to date by a Professional Race Driver,

is 1’23.529 by Sebastian Vettel.


Vettel is having a great career. He claimed the world title in 2010, making him the youngest World Champion in 61 years of FI competition. At twenty-three years of age he had achieved ten pole positions, three fastest race laps, five wins and 10 podiums for a total of 256 points.


If you want to know what it takes to stay at the top as a Professional Race Driver, for Vettel's regime, click here.


2.      Spark Plug Removal and Insertion Challenge


The Challenge: Be the fastest contestant.


The winner is Michael Brazell, a Kangan Institute Pre-Apprentice with a time

of 4.2 seconds.


3.       Engine Lifter Assemblage Challenge


The Challenge: Be the fastest contestant.


The winner is Nathan Selridge from Mackillop College with a time of 52.1 seconds. 




Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Battery Electric Vehicle Skill Set Released




VACC has experienced a solid response from Members looking to progress their businesses and careers in the Heavy Commercial, Automotive Electrical and Automotive LPG areas.


The Skills Development Centre recognises that these Skill Sets are a serious investment for those wishing to upgrade their professional skills and knowledge; and in response to demand from Members it has released an additional Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Battery Electric Vehicle Skill Set.


Designed specifically for mechanical repairers wanting to perform servicing, ancillary work or repairs on Hybrids and EVs, the course provides all the information you need to understand Hybrid technology and important safe working practices. It also teaches you how to position your business to take advantage of this lucrative emerging technology.

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The good news is that your prior experience may significantly reduce the amount of hands-on training you will be required to do. Practical sessions are delivered on Saturdays to reduce business down time.


Heavy Commercial Vehicle Skill Set for Light Vehicle Technicians


Are you currently working in a mechanical workshop that repairs both light and heavy vehicles? Do you or your employees only have a light vehicle qualification?

With increased demand for light vehicle mechanics to work on both heavy and light vehicles, the need for developing and up-skilling has become vital for business survival.

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Automotive Electrical Skill Set for Light Vehicle Technicians

Are you a light vehicle mechanical technician looking to upgrade your automotive electrical/electronic skills and knowledge to allow you to diagnose and repair electrical faults in today's vehicles?

The ever-increasing inclusion of hybrid and electric vehicles, new electrical/electronic systems, drive-by-wire technology and analogue-to-digital technology, makes it imperative for the current day's motor mechanic to gain these new and emerging skills to safely work on today's motor cars.

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Automotive LPG Service and Repair Skill Set http://www.vaccsdc.com.au/Portals/0/eNewsletters/Images/Issue36/NWDF.jpg

Are you looking to apply to the Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB) for an LPG restricted accreditation?

Lucrative opportunities exist for businesses willing to diversify their operations and up-skill their existing workforce with LPG skill sets. Attaining AAFRB's LPG restricted accreditation provides your business with an additional client service.

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http://www.vaccsdc.com.au/Portals/0/eNewsletters/Images/Issue36/TCMan.jpgWe dare you to prove it!


You know that the industry has changed radically, and that some of the things you did on a daily basis a few years ago have now been superseded by new technologies and processes.


You have always moved with the times, picking up new skills and knowledge so you can continue to work with and give your best to the machines you love most - your cars, trucks and motorcycles.


You have credibility with your current customers as being a great problem solver and general all-round professional for their automotive needs.


So why does the VACC now challenge you now to get your skills and knowledge officially recognised?


It's proof positive that you have what it takes in today's Automotive industry, and gives new customers a great reason to choose you. It can benefit your business and career by opening doors that may have previously been closed without the proper accreditation.


The VACC has partnered with Kangan Institute's Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE), especially to recognise Automotive professionals who have a long history in the industry.


If you have been working in your current Automotive Mechanical (Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, Motorcycle), Paint and Panel or Auto Electrical job for more than 7 years and can pass a few additional entry criteria, you may be eligible for a new certificate in the same area you work in - and not even have to go to school. Even if you have a qualification already, you may still be eligible.


I'm good at my job


All you have to do is prove your skills and knowledge in your job - what you know already, without having to pass bookwork exams.


You gather proof of where you have used your skills and knowledge and then demonstrate on-the-job to gain your qualification in a straight forward process known as recognition of prior learning.


Your Assessor has long experience in the industry and is there to help you get across the line in the quickest time possible.


The cost for a nationally recognised qualification?


If you pass the eligibility criteria, it's only $200.


The certificates available?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available in a range of automotive areas including the following:

  • Light vehicle (mechanical)
  • Heavy vehicle (trucks, agricultural)
  • Paint and panel
  • Auto electrical
  • Motorcycles


How to apply

Phone the VACC Skills Development Centre direct on (03) 9829 1126 to see if you're eligible. Be quick! It's subject to funding and may not last.

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If you would like any information on our training offerings, please contact VACC SDC on 03 9829 1140 to speak to one of our team members or alternatively email us via info@vaccsdc.com.au.

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