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Returning February 2013


Over the Christmas period the VACC SDC online newsletter will be taking a break, but will return with the next issue in early February 2013. Our best wishes to all our members for this festive season.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


In the meantime, if you have not yet planned your training for 2013 visit our website vaccsdc.com.au or download a short course registration form below to reserve your spot next year. When you choose VACC for occupational health and safety, technical development or trade recognition, be assured you are receiving a high standard in training!


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Mentors for your apprentice in metro and regional Victoria!


Sourcing and retaining quality apprentices has been a long standing issue for the automotive industry. To effectively address current and potential skills shortages, and to ensure the longevity of automotive businesses through the ongoing supply and retention of apprentices VACC has become a service provider of the Apprenticeship Mentoring Program.


As an automotive business who has employed, or is looking to employ, a first year apprentice* the MAAP program is a good way for your business to engage and retain your apprentice.


To access free of charge this government funded program get in touch with your metropolitan or regional Apprenticeship Mentor. Our skilled VACC Mentors come from a diverse range of backgrounds and can provide further information on how MAAP can assist and benefit your automotive business now and into the future.


Inner City

Effie Tsetinis

M: 0408 132 005

Western Suburbs

Lisa Price

M: 0408 279 190


Rob Walker

M: 0409 019 918

North Eastern

Alistair Hunter

M: 0408 229 843

Western Victoria

Mark Deckert

M: 0408 315 082

North Eastern Victoria

Callum Ross

M: 0408 206 299


Natalie Kingston

M: 0408 991 759


*Please note that if you are also experiencing difficulties with a second year Apprentice they can also be eligible for the service


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The Victorian Skills Gateway is the online, one-stop-shop for vocational training information in Victoria, and replaces the online TAFE and Training Course Directory. The Victorian Skills Gateway makes it easier than ever to find training that fits, with information about jobs and courses tailored to specific users, including students, careers practitioners, employers and parents. 

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If you would like any information on our training offerings, please contact VACC SDC on 03 9829 1140 to speak to one of our team members or alternatively email us via info@vaccsdc.com.au.

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