Issue 22, 2 August 2012


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Notice to all VACC Members

In recent weeks, members have brought to the attention of VACC a number of instances, where Private RTO's, two in particular, have provided them with inaccurate information, in order to entice the Member into signing up for a qualification.


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Training Events






Technical Courses

Electronic Battery Management

4 places left

8/08/2012 Cost: $295


Common Rail Diesel Systems

Course full

15/08/2012, Cost: $295


Regional Presentation ESP - Ballarat

28/08/2012, Cost: $150


Oscilloscope Waveform Interpretation

16/10/2012, 2 days, Cost $550


Regional Presentation ESP - Warnambool

23/10/2012, Cost: $150


Regional Presentation ESP - Mildura

15/11/2012, Cost: $150



Online, Cost $132

*Additional charges may be applicable for regional trade certification applications.


OHS - Compliance Courses

Initial 5days for HSRs, Supervisors and Managers

1day/week starts 13/09/2012, Cost: $935


Annual 1day refresher for Health and Safety Representatives

2/10/2012 Cost: $252


Environmental Compliance

Online, Cost: $99


First Aid


Business and Management**

Diploma of Management

5 workshops, intake all year round


Dual Certificate IV Frontline Management and Customer Contact

4 workshops, intake all year round

**Both course above attract government funding. For eligibility contact 9829 1140.



August 1 - August 31, 2012

Event calendar - Win the new Apple iPad

Victoria's Small Business Festival is an annual, month-long program of events held across metropolitan and regional Victoria. The festival includes an extensive program of hundreds of events that provide inspiration, ideas and information to small business owners to help them succeed and prosper.


Find out more about the festival and enter the Apple iPad prize draw - it's easy and it's free.


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Revolutionising service through use of virtual tools

In the future, the real world in automotive service is set to combine with the virtual world Augmented Reality (AR) creates. But what is AR and why should we care?

BMW is planing to use this technology as a means to assist its staff in highly demanding technical work. Using special data goggles and wireless access to a powerful computer, mechanics have all the information at their disposal, precisely where they need it: in the workshop, at the vehicle.


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BMW Augmented Reality - the extension of reality




August 27 - September 2, 2012

Hands and minds - the DNA of skills and trades

National Skills Week is a national initiative dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning, enabling all Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities, their potential and how they contribute to a successful, modern economy.


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Getting started - think and do

You have only a few weeks to enrol and kick start your educational journey with OUA. Study Period 3 enrolment closes 13 August (for phone enrolments) or 15 August (for online enrolments) to start studying on 30 August.


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If you would like any information on our training offerings, please contact VACC SDC on 03 9829 1140 to speak to one of our team members or alternatively email us via info@vaccsdc.com.au.

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